How to upload multiple files

In my one of previous post / discussion, i have described the way of uploading a single file. In this post i will describe the way of uploading multiple files.

The trick is, the file name is treated as an array and I will handle each of array element as a single element.

Before proceeding, I would suggest you reading of related article of how to upload a file and it will be easy for you to understand the trick.

Here are few steps to upload multiple files using PHP language

step 1: make inputs of type=file and add a submit button within form body.
for this example i have added three input items of file types.

Note that the name is declared as array elements.

step 2: now you have to handle POSt variables received when user will press submit.
A simple method of array processing will be used to process the received information using loop.

Download the source code of how to upload multiple files

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